Prayer Request

We understand that you–or someone that you know–may be going through a difficult time in their life. Todd wishes that he had time to pray over prayer requests received through our website. However, If you notice Todd’s schedule, it is demanding. When he is not traveling, he focuses his time on his family. Todd only has a small staff and we are not able to follow up on prayer requests. We encourage you to contact your local church or one of the many ministries that have phone lines specifically set up for prayer.

We encourage you to watch the videos below of Todd’s teachings to strengthen your faith so that you might grow through the situation you are in. We are confident that there are important truths in these videos that will increase your faith. Beyond these videos, consider joining us for an Power & Love where we teach people how to find their identity in Christ. Click here to view Todd’s schedule, which includes all upcoming Power & Love events.

Healing Series

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions on healing, freedom in Christ, and impartation. This series includes teaching by Todd White, Dan Mohler, Bob Hazlett, Tom Ruotolo, and Chris Overstreet.


Message | Redemption & Righteousness

Watch an impactful message from Todd that includes teaching on understanding redemption and righteousness, grasping your identity in Christ, and reaching out to those in your life that need to know Jesus.


Interview | Your True Identity

Watch Todd’s recent interview on the topic of your true identity in Christ. Discover God’s heart for you to discover the simplicity of who you really are. When you realize your identity in Him, lies from the Enemy cannot hold you back from being all that God created you to be.


Power & Love | Training Videos

Experience every session from a recently held Power & Love identity training event. These sessions are designed to ground you in your identity in Christ. These sessions will equip you to make this “as-you-go, lifestyle Christianity” a part of your normal and daily experience.