Plan For The Future And Equip A Generation For Eternal Impact

Some of our Donors have asked us if there are other ways to support the work of Lifestyle Christianity. The answer is Yes!

Legacy giving and thoughtful estate planning is your parting gift that becomes a clear declaration of your values and priorities. The impressions we leave behind enhance the lives of our friends and loved ones, giving them footprints to follow. Gifts in your Will allows you to support us in a way that best suits your financial situation, and can also bring you and your family tax and financial benefits.

Legacy giving is:

– A gift made, after careful consideration and with professional advice, through your financial estate plan.
– A gift that requires some type of legal documentation, for example, a Will.
– A gift that is made from your assets, not your current income.
– A gift that has tax advantages under current laws.
– A gift that is arranged now to provide funds to Lifestyle Christianity at some time in the future.

Ways To Give A Legacy Gift

You can make Lifestyle Christianity a beneficiary in your Will. Gifts can be in an absolute dollar amount, a specific asset, or a percentage or residue of your estate.

You can designate Lifestyle Christianity as an owner and/or beneficiary, in whole or in part, of an insurance policy. This can be applied to an existing policy, or to one that is newly purchased.

You can make Lifestyle Christianity a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan.

You can give personal property, such as an art collection or real estate, to Lifestyle Christianity now, and continue to enjoy the use of the property for life.

You can transfer assets to a trust that generates investment income. The income is paid to you and /or another named beneficiary or beneficiaries. Lifestyle Christianity receives the remaining capital upon your death, or that of the named beneficiary(ies).

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