Wrestling With God

Have you ever heard God ask something of you and it seemed so radical. . . so impossible. . . that you PAINFULLY wrestled with Him throughout the night?

I definitely did. . . almost four years ago, one night when God told me to move my family to Texas to start an international training center. He wanted me to reproduce my heart in others so they could live the same lifestyle I do. For fourteen years, I have lived totally free from guilt, shame, and condemnation; my heart burns with a Godly conviction everywhere I go. I'm just so in love with Jesus!! God wants that for all of us.

I wrestled with God all night long. The next day, I shared the word that God had said to me with my wife...and my wife's "Yes" confirmed what God had said. We needed to move to Dallas. When I finally said, "Yes Lord, I will do it," our obedience put faith into action, and God has continued to amaze us with what He can do with a simple, "YES."

I made a super short video for you guys to tell you about what God's doing now, what we are doing, and what our part is to continually answer "Yes, Lord...we will do it.

Watch: Raising Up Fiery Ambassadors

I'm praying for you all, that your obedience be quick when He whispers a big, giant dream into your heart. I'm praying that your answer will be "Yes, Lord. I will do it." He will accomplish His purposes without fail. Those that say "YES" to His purposes and His plans get to be a part of the verse in Ephesians: "beyond all we can ask or think."

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I love you all,