Impact 2019

Hey guys,

I’m super excited about what God is doing at our new training center; the site of Lifestyle Christianity University! Have you had a chance to hear the student testimonies on our Facebook page? WOW! Check them out! They’re all so powerful, yet really unique encounters.

We’ve also begun Love-In-Action on Friday nights here at the center. These nights are free and open to the public and are really making an impact locally! This city is getting saturated with the love of Jesus and fires are being ignited EVERYWHERE!

A lot of you continue to ask about online courses and we wanted you to know… we’re working on it!

We have some important updates we need to make to the building, in addition to technology upgrades in order to accommodate all we believe God wants to do here.

We’re opening up another opportunity for you to become monthly partners with what’s happening through Lifestyle Christianity University. You can help “throw fuel” on the fires being started here. We want this generation to burn with the love of God and be an unstoppable force; a wildfire that brings a shining light to every area of darkness!

Please pray and ask what monthly amount you’d like to contribute, then click HERE to let us know you’re joining forces.

I love you,

Todd White