Does Money Have a Hold On You?

I’ve talked to a lot of waitresses on Sunday afternoons that tell me those days are the days they get the lowest tips, often from church crowds…that ought not to be. As the Church, we should be the most generous giving people on the planet!

Money is a currency and tool that the devil uses to manipulate people. He wants us to think that giving to people is about them deserving it, but God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His Son! The devil doesn’t ever want us to get the revelation of finances, because if we do, we will bless people’s socks off! Giving generously makes us just like our Father. Remember…heaven went bankrupt to get us back. Don’t let money have a hold on you.

Honor the Lord in your finances by giving and by blessing those around you. This is how we live the lifestyle of a true CHRIST-ian.